When you worship at Faith Presbyterian Church you will be:

  • uplifted by beautiful music;
  • welcomed by friendly people (please stop by our Welcome Center as you enter the church for a free gift);
  • challenged to give your life to Jesus Christ;
  • touched by the Holy Spirit who will surround you;
  • with the peace and joy of God’s presence.

Faith Church Choir … sings joyously!

Have you sung in the past, or possibly played an instrument?  Have you always wanted to sing in a choir but never done so?  Now may be the time for you to join the choir at Faith Church.  Choir members tell me they have fun every Sunday and leave the choir room energized.  We work several weeks in advance, so you won’t feel unprepared.

The group rehearses at 8:00 AM on Sundays in the choir room, which is at the east end of the Sanctuary building.  I’ll be sure to place you by someone who can help you learn the ropes.   Please call me or the church office if you plan to attend so that I can get your own music and robe.

Consider joining choir this year.  You’ll find an amazing group of wonderful people and the satisfaction of working together to enhance worship at Faith Church.  We’ve had new members during each of the last several seasons, and you’ll be glad to have made the decision. “Those who sing pray twice”  St.  Augustine.






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