Small Groups

Tuesday Morning Prayer Group

On Tuesdays at 9:00 a.m. we will gather in the Chapel for our “prayer group”. This is a time to bring your joys and concerns, personal and private, global and public to the Lord.

There may be meditations, readings from Scripture, selections of poetry or hymnody, perhaps communion by intinction, or a time of silent prayer and meditation. It can be anything that those present need it to be. We will conclude in time for a break before the 10 a.m. Bible Study. All are welcome! Hope to see you there.

Small Dinner/Luncheon Groups

The perfect way to get to Know and meet new “faith friends”!

We are putting together small groups for dinners or luncheons for gatherings in the Fall.  If you would like to be included, please call the Church Office at 623-974-3611.  Groups will meet in restaurants or homes, please specify your preferences when you call.  Please call the church office at 974-3611.  Groups meet in monthly in either our homes or restaurants.  Singles are most welcome! Come, join in the fun and make new friends.

Spiritual Growth

Looking forward to the coming months we’ll be involved in favorite sports, creative work, and our Faith Presbyterian Church activities. This is a special season for developing our faith and our relationships with God, with our Christian community, and with ourselves.

These relationships are summed up in the two Great Commandments that shape and govern us…to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, and mind and to love our neighbor as ourselves. When we observe both commandments, our Spirituality becomes both contemplative and active. Let’s ask ourselves, “How healthy is my prayer life?” We can’t separate prayer from work or leisure. As we involve ourselves in our church and community this season, it is a time to practice our prayer life, to deepen and strengthen our awareness of who we are. It has been said, to know one’s own soul is not a self-centered exercise. It is preparation for a healthy self-critical spirituality – one that will lead us to be active disciples.

Here’s to practicing your prayer life this season! Start with setting aside time alone with God each day. Talk to God; listen for God’s word. Read the scriptures. Be surprised at how your spiritual life grows!


Faith Quilting was organized in 1991 and continues its strong presence as a vital part of our Missions.

The quilters’ chief priority continues to be New Life Center, a 104-bed emergency domestic violence shelter for abused women and children located in Goodyear, Arizona. The Center offers safety, shelter, and comprehensive services to women and children victims of domestic violence. Unfortunately, the need for domestic violence services far outweighs the amount of services that are actually available to victims. As such, due to lack of space, New Life Center must turn-away one family for every one they are able to help.

Despite the reality of on overall lack of resources for victims of domestic violence, there is hope at New Life Center. Over 90% of the women who complete the program do not return to the abusive environment from which they came. This indicates that real change is occurring and women are setting in motion lasting change for themselves and their children. Through education, advocacy, and the tireless support of the local community, New Life is a haven of hope and healing for the many families that pass through the doors. The revenue the quilters receive from making and selling quilts is used to buy fabrics and supplies for “cuddle quilts” and teddy bears, which they make and deliver to New Life Center. For most of the residents, it is the only personal possession they have, as they left their home quickly to escape violence and abuse.

Over the years, the quilters have expanded their services to include teddy bears for the Faith Welcome Center in the narthex. They have also completed quilts to be given to the new owners of Faith’s Habitat for Humanity home.

The quilters’ mission of helping the needy and underprivileged, especially children, is on going. They continue to quilt for others and since they are financially independent of the church budget, the donations of fabrics, yarn, cash, etc. from members of the congregation are greatly appreciated and utilized to the fullest.

As we continue to serve those in need and reach out to still others, we welcome additional quilters who will make it possible for us to do still more. Not all of our members are quilters and it isn’t necessary to be a quilter to work with our group. Some members construct, tie, and bind the “cuddle quilts” and stuff toys, while others quilt at the frame. Each of you is invited to visit the quilters and we would be delighted if you choose to stay. We meet weekly on Thursday at 9:00 a.m. until Noon in the Knox Room at the church.

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Welcome to this ministry of compassion and caring. Prayer shawls have been made for centuries as a way to remind people of God’s comforting presence, healing grace and enveloping love.

Prayerful thoughts are woven into your shawl as you work, creating a tangible expression of your prayers as the shawl takes form.  Each stitch becomes a stitch of love.  If you know the person who will receive the shawl, you might picture them in your mind and send them loving thoughts as you work.

Working on your prayer shawl is physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually beneficial for you as you experience moments of physical calm, emotional peace, creative thinking and spiritual insights.  Doing needlework mindfully has a centering effect and you might find yourself in a space of gentle contemplation or meditation as you work.

This ministry is for all nimble-fingered women and men.  Invite your friends to join – it doesn’t matter if they belong to another church, or if they have no church affiliation.  You don’t even have to attend any meetings!  All you need are the instructions and a desire to bring comfort and love to someone who really
needs it.

Recipients of the shawls are people who might be suffering from illness, pain, grief, loneliness, a distant move away from friends or celebrating a significant moment in their lives.  Anyone can submit the name of a person who would benefit from a shawl. There are no boundaries as to who will receive them.
We will keep a record of recipients, not by name, but by the date they received the shawl and the reason they received one so we can continue to pray for them.

A note and a special prayer will be fastened to the shawl, so when yours is completed, please bring it to the church office with your name attached.  If you know of a person who would benefit from a prayer shawl, please let us know so that you or a volunteer from our care ministry can deliver it.