Faith Presbyterian Church - Sun City, Arizona

Welcome to Faith Presbyterian Church

We seek to welcome everyone reflecting a spirit of Christ’s acceptance and forgiveness as we share and learn together in our mission and ministry.  We seek to build a diverse faith community that witnesses to our oneness in Christ across all human boundaries. We are a gathering of Presbyterians, but many have come from other denominations and some have been away from the church for years.

We provide a place for people to find comfort, but also a prophetic spirit that seeks to mend the hurts in our community and the world. We are a people with a questioning spirit who seek the reassurance of a forgiving God as we discover the godly presence in our lives and our world.  Come with your questions and with your desire to find a healing fellowship that feeds that inner hunger in all our lives.

Join with us as we journey together in our seeking to deepen our faith and to lead lives of faithfulness and joy. Join us as we journey together toward enriching our individual faith stories and strengthen the community in which we live everyday.

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Dr Harris SchultzFaith Presbyterian Church welcomes Dr. Harris Schultz, Interim Pastor and Head of Staff to our “Faith Family”.


Dr. Schultz has served Presbyterian congregations for over 40 years prior to retirement.  For the last 15 years of his active ministry Harris has devoted his time to the Presbyterian Church as Interim Pastor/Head of Staff for eight congregations.  Harris and his wife, Jan, have served in interim ministry education and teaching this specialized ministry in several sites of the Presbyterian Church.  Their service to the wider church in retirement includes leadership as a “retirement consultant couple” in Retirement Planning Seminars hosted by the Board of Pensions.

Dr. Schultz graduated from Bethel College (TN), Vanderbilt University Divinity School, and McCormick Theological Seminary, where he earned his doctorate.

Harris and Jan began coming to Sun City five years ago as “winter visitors” and started attending Faith Church.  They have been part of our “Faith Family” and have already shared their gifts of friendship and devotion to our congregation.  As Faith’s Interim Pastor Harris looks forward to serving our congregation and community.

Barb MunnWith great pleasure, Faith Presbyterian Church nominates Barbara Munn for the 2015 Senior Service Award. 

Barbara joined Faith Church in 1999 and has since served as an Elder, Moderator of Presbyterian Women, leader in the Tuesday Morning Chapel Prayer Group, teacher in Christian Education, and member of numerous committees. She currently serves as Moderator of the Deacons where her organizational and leadership skills have made her a valued asset to the staff and all who work with her. She also coordinates and works with our dedicated Mustard Seed mailing volunteers. Barbara has a special heart for missions and develops support for projects in creative and fun ways. She has especially been involved in the Sun City Ecumenical Week of Prayer for Christian Unity for a number of years.

The twinkle in Barb’s eye and her quick sense of humor are the first impression one gets of this lady, but many have come to know her as a very compassionate and dedicated friend. Still others may never know the source of good things that have come their way  because Barb leaves few tracks. While quietly tending to the needs of individuals in the church and community, she can also fight relentlessly against injustice and for women’s issues. We are grateful to have this dedicated servant of God in our midst and appreciate this opportunity to honor her.