Faith Presbyterian Church - Sun City, Arizona

Welcome to Faith Presbyterian Church

Dr. Susan E. MoorefieldDr. Susan E. Moorefield, the congregation and staff seek to welcome everyone reflecting a spirit of Christ’s acceptance and forgiveness as we share and learn together in our mission and ministry.  We seek to build a diverse faith community that witnesses to our oneness in Christ across all human boundaries. We are a gathering of Presbyterians, but many have come from other denominations and some have been away from the church for years.

We provide a place for people to find comfort, but also a prophetic spirit that seeks to mend the hurts in our community and the world. We are a people with a questioning spirit who seek the reassurance of a forgiving God as we discover the godly presence in our lives and our world.  Come with your questions and with your desire to find a healing fellowship that feeds that inner hunger in all our lives.

Join with us as we journey together in our seeking to deepen our faith and to lead lives of faithfulness and joy. Join us as we journey together toward enriching our individual faith stories and strengthen the community in which we live everyday.

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New Member Welcome Classes

Thursday, December 10 (part 1), 4:30 – 6:00 p.m.

Sunday, December 20 (part 2), 8:30 – 9:45 a.m.

In the Council Room.  Everyone is invited!

Come and learn more about Faith Church! Come and see what membership is all about whether you are here year-round or for a season, you are welcome to be part of Faith! Come and see how God is at work and join the family of Faith.  For more information please contact Pastor Susan at 623-974-3611.